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Highlights for Fall 2018 Sale

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Sylvia Plath: Drawings. “I have a visual imagination.” — Sylvia Plath Sylvia Plath’s poems are known the world around, but she herself always hoped that her art would be just as well regarded. This collection of the pen-and-ink drawings she made on her honeymoon (recently shown at the Mayor Gallery in London), accompanied by snatches of her letters, is a bright light shone on a talent that spanned more than one medium. “It gives me a such sense of peace to draw; more than prayer, walks, anything. I can close myself completely in the line, lose myself in it.” — Sylvia Plath. Alitjinya Ngura Tjukurtjarangka (Alice in the Dreamtime) is the first translation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into the Australian aboriginal language Pitjantjatjara. The story was translated and adapted in the early 1970s, only a few years after Pitjantjatjara had first been given a written form. Because Pitjantjatjara, like all languages, is the cultural expression of its people and describes the world and the way of life known to them, the story has been reworked, making it deeply, fully Australian: the White Rabbit, for example, with his gloves and his fan, becomes a white kangaroo (pictured) with a dilly-bag and a...

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