Collector’s Corner

Collector’s Corner is home to some of the sale’s most exciting offerings. Here is where you’ll find rare and antiquarian books, first editions, collectible vinyl records, artwork, ephemera, toys, and games — including video games. Many of our offerings are under $10!

The Fall 2019 Sale is going on THIS WEEKEND!

See the hours and discount schedule for Collector’s Corner for this sale to plan your trip. You can even consult the comprehensive online list of books in Collector’s Corner to draw up your wish list before you come to Esty Street!

Highlights of the Fall 2019 Sale

Here’s a look at just a few of the treasures we have on our shelves this October.

Searchable List of Available CC Titles

The famous LIST is now online. This comprehensive, searchable list of all the titles available in the Collector’s Corner is continually updated to reflect pricing and availability.

Tales from the sale

The Friends of the Library are always hoping to help books find good homes, and sometimes that just might mean sending a book away to its rightful owners before the sale even opens. Read about the donated book that is now part of a museum collection, or the one we sent back to the castle it was stolen from during WWII.

Our books have great stories -- in more ways than one! . Our books have great stories — in more ways than one!
Learn the story behind an 18th-century military strategy manual that detailed ways to attack various castles (which was originally snatched from the library of one of those very castles!). Learn a little about a 19th-century pamphlet that claimed to lay bare the true story of a cold-blooded female serial killer. Or about the trove of treasure we found in a presidential biography.
Where does the money go? Where does the money go?
At each sale we sell hundreds of thousands of books and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where does the money go? See how the Friends distribute the funds raised to local libraries and community programs.
What happens to the books that don't sell? What happens to the books that don’t sell?
The books on the shelves for each book sale come from the previous six months’ worth of donations: every sale starts from scratch. What happens to the books that don’t sell? They, too, find their way into the hands of readers. Find out how!
How do we price the books in Collector's Corner? How do we price the books in Collector’s Corner?
See a brief description of our methods and a list of some of the experts we’ve consulted on our books.

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