Spring 2018 Collector’s Corner Highlights

Here are a few particularly interesting books that we’ll have available for the sale this spring. It’s an embarrassment of riches: we have SO MANY treasures!

Do you ever wish “Downton Abbey” had been written using classic science fiction tropes?

If you do, you’ve found the perfect book: this first American edition of The Inheritors by Joseph Conrad and Ford M. Hueffer (aka Ford Madox Ford). At its heart is a mysterious, beautiful, nameless woman and the frustrated writer who is fascinated with her.

“You really wish to know where I come from?”

I expressed light-hearted acquiescence.

“Listen,” she said, and uttered some sounds. I felt a kind of unholy emotion. It had come like a sudden, suddenly hushed, intense gust of wind through a breathless day. “What– what!” I cried.

“I said I inhabit the Fourth Dimension.”

She claims that the Fourth Dimensionists will inherit the earth. If the established, fusty aristocracy will not give way and allow them to inherit it?

What then . . . ?

The Green Bag
Volume One, 1889
Edited by Horace W. Fuller

The Green Bag billed itself as “A Useless but Entertaining Magazine for Lawyers,” and was marked by a breezy, often humorous tone. We have the very first volume, which covers the year 1889: Louis Brandeis writes on Harvard University; Seymour D. Thompson complains about common errors and deficiencies in law reporting; and lawyers muse on whether Jack the Ripper, should he ever be caught, might be able to plead insanity in hopes of reducing his sentence.

Fittingly, the book’s leather is a deep, rich green.

by Charles Schultz and Kenneth Hall

Hall shares musings about two-, three-, and four-year-olds that are sweet and serious in equal measure, “designed to help parents, grandparents, and other adults understand the small child, particularly as he relates to the church.” Schultz’s illustrations take Hall’s message of understanding and buoys it with gentle humor.

Signed by Schultz.