We will accept donations on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays, 9:00am-12 noon, until Saturday, April 11.

To prepare items for donation, please read the donation guidelines and tax receipt information given below.  In order to get a valid tax receipt, please print and complete the online form BEFORE coming to 509 Esty Street. Be sure to give the total number of books you are donating in each category.

Please note: We are no longer accepting VHS tapes, general encyclopedias published after 1920, children’s encyclopedias, or posters.  Thank you for recycling these items yourselves.

Mass market or trade paperbacks?  Trade paperbacks are bigger than mass markets and usually of better quality.  Mass market paperbacks measure approximately 4 1/4 in  wide by 7 1/2 in.   Newer mass markets are longer but are usually not wider.   In the photo below, the mass market book is on the left, the trade paperback is on the right.Mass vs Trade

We are occasionally asked if we offer a book pick-up service.  House calls are quite difficult for us to arrange.  Most of our volunteers do not have the ability to do heavy lifting nor do they have large vehicles.   However we do have people at the book sale site who can help you unload your car once you arrive.

Questions? Please call 607-272-2223 or email us.

Donation Guidelines

Small numbers of books and other donations may be put through the self-service drop slot at any time, except when the Sale is actually in progress. The books should be put into plastic bags which are available in the mailbox near the drop slot.

Those with a large donations or those wanting a tax receipt should come during the staffed donation hours when someone is on hand to help you.  If you have more than 20 boxes please email us and put “donation” in the subject line.  We may need to arrange a special time for you to bring your donations.  You may also call us at 607-272-2223.

Our sales are only as good as the donations we get. We can only sell books that are in good condition. Books that are damp, moldy or smelly, have torn covers, missing pages, or have been nibbled on by the family pet cannot be sold. Please recycle these books yourself.

We gladly accept:

  • books and other items, in any language, in good condition, clean, dry, mold-free
  • commercially recorded items: music CDs, audio books on CDs or cassettes, movies on DVD or Blu-Ray
  • software and manuals
  • vinyl records (LPs, 78s, 45s)
  • some magazines for specific categories (for further information check Categories Accepting Magazines , email, or call 607-272-2223)
  • sheet music, calendars, unused cards/postcards and blank books
  • sewing patterns
  • puzzles and games
  • general encyclopedias published before 1920

Sorry, we can’t take:

  • items which are unhealthy to handle – dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed, wet, or covered with animal hair or droppings
    (General Guideline: If you would not give it to a friend, please don’t give it to the Friends!)
  • books missing covers
  • magazines such as National Geographic, Seventeen, Better Homes & Gardens, People, Sports Illustrated (except swimsuit edition), Time, Newsweek
  • general encyclopedias published after 1920
  • children’s encyclopedias
  • encyclopedia year books
  • VHS tapes
  • cassette tapes (music)
  • posters
  • 8-track tapes
  • homemade DVDs, CDs, or cassette tapes
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books, except large type editions
  • law case, statute, and regulation books
  • literature CliffsNotes
  • catalogs
  • theses or dissertations
  • AAA Travel Guides

Tax Receipts

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  If you want a receipt for income tax purposes, complete a online form to bring with your donation. We’ll provide you with a signed receipt to use when filing your income taxes if you come during the posted donation hours.

We do not assign a value to the books you donate. You will need to determine the value of your donation yourself. We provide the opening and closing day book prices by category. If you are donating a book that you believe will sell in Collector’s Corner, please list the book(s) separately.