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Spring 2020 Book Sale
May 2-4, 9-11, 16-19

Dates & Times
Daily Prices
Directory & Floor Plan


*** Important information ***
Sale attendees who wish to be among the first
to enter the Book Sale when the door opens on Saturday morning, please read: 

We will follow the process outlined below to determine the order in which people will be admitted to the Sale on the first Saturday morning.

    1. A sign-in sheet will be made available from 6 pm – 9 pm on the Friday evening before opening day.  This sign-in ssession will be attended by one or more volunteers. At 9 pm, the sheet will be removed. 
    2. Each person can sign in only himself or herself and must show photo ID to the attending volunteer.
    3. When doors open at 8 am on Saturday, people on the sign-in sheet will be admitted in order.  Volunteers will again check photo ID to ensure that the people who have signed in are the people are admitted.
    4. Anyone who lines up without signing in will be allowed inside the Sale, in line order, after the early signers. 
    5. We plan to advertise this change, but please notify your friends and associates.  
    6. If you have no photo ID, please contact us at (607) 272-2223 or  email us.


Check out community groups who’ve been helping us.

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Our leftover books…

To find out what happens to our leftover books, click here.

Upcoming Sales:

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