Update: news from the castle

Photo by Andrzej Otr?bski

The beautiful Ksi?? Castle and its grounds in Wa?brzych are now a museum. Birkenstein’s book will be a welcome addition to its collection!

From October 2015 to January 2016 the museum hosted an exhibit of works from the Collection of the Chagall Museum of Vitebsk.

The show, Raj i Apokalypsa (Paradise and Apocalypse), was colorful and uplifting in equal measure. To show their appreciation to us for returning the Birkenstein, the castle staff sent a copy of the catalogue accompanying the show to the Friends of the Library for our fundraising book sale.

Paradise and Apocalypse centered on a series of bold etchings and lithographs Chagall made in the 1930s after a visit to the Holy Land. Bright and moving.