Not-For-Profit Day

Not-For-Profit Day is always held on the Wednesday following Bag Day, which is the last day of the Sale.  In Spring 2020, it will be on Wednesday, May 20, 1:00pm-6:00pm.  It is intended to benefit educational and nonprofit organizations working within Tompkins County or with significant numbers of Tompkins County residents, the clergy and homeschoolers.

  • Please bring a photo ID and a letter on official letterhead from your organization.
    • Teachers, your school photo ID is all that is required.
    • Homeschoolers, you must bring a letter on official letterhead confirming that you are a registered homeschooler in the Tompkins County area, along with your photo ID.
  • All books are free and you may take as many as you wish.
  • Bring your own bags or boxes.
  • Books taken on Not-For-Profit Day must not be returned to the Friends at a later date.
  • Children are discouraged from attending this event. If you bring children, however, they must stay with you during your visit.
  • If you wish to be notified in advance, please provide us with your organization’s  email address.