Volunteering At the Sale

Below are descriptions of the volunteer jobs available during our twice yearly sales.  The Sale shifts are two and three-quarter hours long.

To be a Pricer, you are required to view the online Pricer training video and encouraged to attend a Pricer Training sessions.  

To be a Cashier, you need to have volunteered at the book sale for at least 30 hours and are required to attend a training session.

Call 272-2223 or email us for further information.


The greeter meets customers at the door, provides them with a map and shopping bag and keeps track of how many people attend the Sale.  See the online Greeter training video.

Info Booth

The person sitting at the Information Booth helps customers locate the section where they are most likely to find the books they are looking for and arranges for any books not purchased to be returned to the proper shelves.


The Floater takes books from the Info Booth and returns them to the appropriate section, answers patrons’ questions, and helps to straighten up shelves in sections where there has been a great deal of activity.   See the online Floater training video.

Pricer Area Guide

The Guide stands at the entrance to the pricing area, managing the line and directing customers to the next available Pricer. The Guide also helps customers form two lines as they wait for the next available Cashier. Guiding customers in this manner ensures the aisles stay clear, Pricers and Cashiers are utilized efficiently, and the flow through the checkout area is steady.


A Pricer determines the appropriate price category for each item and totals the number of items in each category.  This information in entered on a tally sheet which is taken to the cashier.  This job requires a 30-minute training session prior to the sale or viewing the training video online.  View the Pricer training video.


A Cashier enters the information from the pricer’s tally sheet into the cash register to determine the amount of money a patron owes. They also operate a credit card machine if the patron is using a credit  or debit card.  A Cashier must be an established volunteer (have worked at the book sale for at least 30 hours), be OK’d by the Sale Coordinator, and attend a 30-minute training session.  Please let us know if you’re interested in being a Cashier.