Pricer and Cashier Training

Cashiers:  Please attend one of the training sessions listed below. Call the Sale Coordinator if this is not possible.

*Tuesday 4/16                  Pricer:      10am•1pm         Cashier:        11am•2pm

*Thursday 4/18                 Pricer:     10am•1pm         Cashier:      11am•2pm

*Saturday 4/20                  Pricer:      10am•1pm        Cashier:         11am•2pm

*Tuesday 4/23                   Pricer:       10am•1pm        Cashier:         11am•2pm

*Thursday 4/25                  Pricer:      10am•1pm        Cashier:         11am•2pm

*Saturday 4/27                   Pricer:      10am•1pm        Cashier:         11am•2pm

Pricers: Please attend a training session, if possible.  If it’s not possible, it is important to watch our Online Pricer Training video as a review.