Volunteering During the Year

Please join us during our donation cycles when we prepare for our Spring and Fall book sales.

There’s no long-term commitment.  You don’t have to chose a specific time or a specific number of hours to work.  You volunteer when it’s best for you. You may borrow a book or two during the sorting months, returning them before the sale.  Once you’ve worked 30 hours or more, you’re eligible to attend the Volunteer Pre-Sale at which you may buy up to 50 items at first-day prices.

New volunteer training sessions – Please click HERE to go to our online sign-up page. Be sure to sign-up so that we know to expect you at the training session.

We do not allow book dealers or book scouts to volunteer.

Need directions when traveling by car or bus?  our location

Sorting Shifts

These shifts are work times for rough and category sorters ONLY.  Please look here for information about donation hours.

Scheduled sorting/restocking shifts:

Winter weather: If the Ithaca City School District is closed due to weather conditions, we’ll also be closed.  Call ahead to be sure.

Category sorters are encouraged to work in their sections during rough sorting hours.  Read the Guidelines for Category Sorters.