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In CC this May: Milne and Dhoruba

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Poster: Power to the People / Support the Committee to Defend the Panther 21, created by the Committee to Defend the Panther 21 and the Artists Revolutionary Movement (ARM), 1970-71. Framed poster, 15.25 × 22 inches, with crease at center and tape damage at each corner. Printed signature in the lower right reads “R. Dhoruba / N.Y. Panther 21 / ARM”.

Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad (born Richard Earl Moore) was arrested in 1969 as one of the New York Panther 21, a group of twenty-one Black Panther members who were wrongfully accused of planning a series of bombings and long-range rifle attacks on several New York City locations. The presence of his printed signature here is a bit surprising: it is unlikely he was the artist responsible for this image.

Framed under glass on acid-free backing.

A(lan) A(lexander) Milne. Tucked into a well-loved copy of Milne’s very first children’s book, When We Were Very Young, is a letter from the author on his personal stationery. The book was donated to the Friends of the Library after spending a time on the bookshelf of the poems’ original reader’s great-granddaughter. A charming touch: Milne has changed the “11 Mallord Drive” to read “ON MALLORD DRIVE”.

Featured in one of the book's poems is one Mr. Edward Bear, named for a toy belonging Milne’s three-year-old son, Christopher Robin. When Christopher was four, soon after this book was published, he fell in love with a friendly black bear at the London Zoo named Winnie; when he got home he immediately re-christen Edward Winnie, and when the bear made an appearance in later books it, too, would be named Winnie. Winnie-the-Pooh.


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