Volunteer With The Friends


Why Volunteer

With The Friends?

Because you like books and others who like books, because you want to work for literacy in the community, and because you will LOVE sorting books, working as many or as few hours as you choose.


Volunteer With Us 

During The Sale

Our volunteers help us staff hundreds of shifts so we can put on two big Sales a year. During every Sale, we need "Greeters" to greet patrons and be sure they have boxes and maps of the Sale floor, "Pricers" to count patrons' books, "Cashiers" to accept patrons' payments, "Floaters" to restock shelves and help patrons navigate the Sale, and "Info Desk" gurus to answer patrons' questions.

During The Year

Our volunteers work year-round to bring you a Fall and Spring Sale.  While we're accepting book donations, shift chairs staff our intake desk, rough sorters perform the magic of getting the books headed to the right subject areas, and category sorters decide how to organize their sections. 

Check out our Sorting Shift calendar.

How To Volunteer

We're accepting new community volunteers. Please call 272-2223 or email.

However, we are not able to accept those fulfilling community service requirements.  Please check back later.


Our Volunteers

We have over 200 active

volunteers. Meet a few of

them here, and visit the

Book Sale to meet the rest!